[How long is the steamed pear steamed with rock candy better?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How long is the steamed pear steamed with rock candy better?

】 _How to do_How to do

Rock candy Sydney is a very classic and delicious soup. It is very rich in nutritional value and cannot be compared to eating pears raw.Sydney tastes astringent and hard to get in.

The steaming time and heat are the most critical factors. Let ‘s take a look at how many years of steaming pears with rock sugar is better.

The main ingredient is Sydney, and the main cooking technique is stew.

Pear moisturizes the lungs, clears heat and quenches thirst, and is used with rock sugar to enhance the effect of moisturizing and coughing. It can treat children with pulmonary cough, dry cough without phlegm, dry lips and dry throat.

Sydney can nourish the yin and nourish the lungs, nourish the stomach and regenerate the body, expel phlegm and cough, and have a better maintenance effect on the throat; moreover, the more diverse substances and vitamins in the pear are easily absorbed by the body.

1. Steamed pears with rock sugar are generally steamed for about 30 minutes, or continuously.

See the pears become transparent.

2. Production method Ingredients: pear rock sugar Auxiliary materials: water 1.

The crystal pear is cut 1/5 of the top, pitted, and the cut part is left.


Add water and rock sugar to the pear and cover the cut portion.


Steam on the pot for 30-40 minutes.

Efficacy: Pear: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pear is slightly cold and sweet, can refresh Jinzhike, moisturize and dry phlegm, and is mainly used for fever, wounds, upset, thirst, and dryness and cough.

Pear also has heat-clearing and sedative nerve effects. It also has good adjuvant effects on patients with hypertension, hypertension, and insomnia. At the same time, it is also a health care product for patients with hepatitis and kidney disease in the autumn.

Pear is a good fruit, but it should not be eaten too much, then it will hurt the spleen and stomach, help Yin wet, so those with spleen deficiency will be cautious to eat.

After inspection, the most suitable selection is Yali and Sydney, and Xiangli also.

Rock sugar: rock sugar nourishing yin and promoting fluid, nourishing the lungs and relieving cough, has a good adjuvant treatment effect on lung cough, dry cough without sputum, expectoration and blood, which is not to say much.

The choice of rock sugar is suspected of polycrystalline rock sugar, also known as earth sugar.

In fact, polycrystalline rock sugar, single crystal rock sugar, and white granulated sugar are different in earth medicine: white sugar is used for boiling pear soup, and the effect is not good; single crystal rock sugar is processed by modern machines based on traditional technology.The crystals form numerous uniformly shaped particles, which seem to be far from the feeling of traditional Chinese medicine; only polycrystalline rock sugar is formed by natural crystals processed through traditional processes, commonly known as natural rock sugar, so polycrystalline rock sugar is used as a substitute for alcohol and nourishing adjuvants.good.