[How to cut pork belly]_How to cut_How to cut

[How to cut pork belly]_How to cut_How to cut

Pork belly is a type of pork. Pork is divided into many parts. Some parts are pure lean meat used for cooking. Some parts are fatty meat, used for stewing or putting lard.

Pork belly is a fat and thin part of the pig. Because of the difference in color, it is called pork belly. There are many ways to make pork belly, and you must learn how to cut pork belly.

Ingredients: One pound of pork belly knife, cutting board, method / steps. Pack the pork belly that you bought back, wash it thoroughly with water, and put it on the cutting board.

Rinse pork belly with water[When washing pork with water, rinse it first].

Place the rinsed pork belly on a cutting board.[Wash the pork wrinkles]

Look at the thickness of the pork belly to choose the strength of the knife[Pork has skin to cut it with strength].

Hold the knife in your right hand and take the pork belly in your left hand. The right hand will move the knife down rhythmically. The left hand will also move backwards in rhythm.

The right and left hands cooperate with each other, and the skinned pork belly is cut into uniform slices with a knife.

Precautions Old people should pay attention to safety when using a knife.

Ingredients: pork belly (500 grams) seasoning: ginger (five slices), grass fruit (one), rock sugar (appropriate amount), star anise (eight small pieces), salt (one teaspoon), old soy sauce (waste spoon), raw soy sauce(Appropriate amount), cooking wine (one tablespoon), monosodium glutamate (appropriate amount). Kitchenware: Casserole, wok. Steps: 1. Prepare materials. 2. Pork belly cut into pieces of mahjong size. After washing, put one tablespoon of cooking wine and soak for one hour.

Remove and drain.

3. Put the stir-fried pork in oil in the pot until slightly yellow.

4. Add dried pepper, grass fruit, star anise, ginger, and stir-fry.

5, put two tablespoons of cooking wine, fry a few times, and then put the old soy, raw soy, stir well.

6, add boiling water, submerge the meat, transfer to the casserole, and stir in the salt for two hours.

7, simmer to crispy pork belly, put rock sugar on high fire to collect juice, shake the pot, do not flip.

8. Wrap the soup evenly on the meat!

Add MSG to taste.