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Massage Dahengxue to clean the intermediate garbage

Massage Dahengxue to clean the intermediate garbage

The clean Dahengjiao Daheng Point is placed near the junction of the ascending colon (declining colon) and the transverse colon. The large intestine is easy to accumulate waste water and food residue in these two turns.

If you push your abdomen before going to bed, someone will feel the presence of a mass near the Dahengxue. You can put the index finger, middle finger and ring finger together and click on the mass.

If there is an airborne parasitic walk, it means that there is a suffocating gas; if there is a sound of water, it must be waste water. In case of these conditions, it is necessary to hold back the pain. Click on it for 5 minutes/day, insist on it every day, be sure to take it.Open it.

Need to remind everyone that when operating on Daheng Point, the thumb of the other hand must use the same strength to point the giant acupoint at 6 inches on the umbilical cord, so as to avoid nausea and vomiting.

How to take acupoint “Dahengxue” in the middle of the abdomen, 4 inches from the umbilicus, that is, 6 fingers wide at the side of the navel, 3 fingers wide from the Tianshu point of the stomach.

When pushing the belly to push the stomach, you can use the index finger to push from the heart.

Push it down, push the belly button and push it to the lower abdomen.

Push the middle one first, then push the two.

When pushing to the liver and gallbladder, push it to the middle, because the liver and gallbladder are oblique.

You can push it once when you are sleeping again, and push it again before you get up the next day, each push for 5 minutes.

Exercise is the way to lose weight. These 4 kinds of exercise weight loss effect is comparable to liposuction _1

Exercise is the way to lose weight. These 4 kinds of exercise weight loss effect is comparable to liposuction

To say that a really healthy and effective way to lose weight is second to none.

Many people think that exercise is very tiring, and modern people have developed a bad habit of sedentary, so there are not many people who use exercise to lose weight.

But in fact, the weight loss that exercise can achieve is unmatched by all other methods.

As long as you develop the habit of exercise, you can achieve weight loss and even benefit for life.

  The type of exercise is also a wide variety, so in the end is the sport more suitable for weight loss?

The following kinds of exercise methods, the weight loss effect is very good.

Everyone can choose the weight loss exercise that suits them best according to their own situation.

  1, the swimming weight loss effect is recognized, the full effect is good, the effect is fast, and the reduction is very uniform, unlike the leg movement or the waist movement can only reduce the excess meat of a certain part of the body, swimming weight loss can make peopleThe body is very thin and even.

This is because during the swimming process, the muscles of the whole body need to cooperate, so there are many parts of the exercise, such as the thigh, the waist and some, etc., can be reduced.

Therefore, swimming is more suitable for people who are more obese.

  2, riding a bicycle Many girls may have tried to ride the bicycle to the two calves and the excess meat of the thigh.

Because when riding a bicycle, the biggest part that can be exercised is the thigh and calf, so it is more suitable for people who need excess meat in the leg to lose weight.

  3, skipping rope skipping is also a more suitable method to reduce the body’s excess meat.

And skipping rope has the advantage that it is not restricted by the location, as long as a small space can be exercised.

However, the amount of skipping movement is also relatively large, and people who do not like to move up and down may not like this way very much.

Jumping rope can consume more than 800 calories in an hour. It is a kind of free radicals in sports. It is suitable for people who want to see the weight loss effect quickly.

  4, playing ball games such as badminton or tennis, but also the amount of exercise is relatively moderate, and there is a certain amount of exercise for the whole body.

In addition, playing is also a bit of entertainment, and not as boring as simple sports.

It is very suitable for people who like sports, for those who are not so eager to lose weight, and the amount of exercise is still spoken for girls, so it is more suitable for girls to lose weight.

  There are a lot of sports that can be used to lose weight, but you have to choose the right exercise for you, otherwise it will be difficult to stick to it.

Whether it is to use some kind of exercise to lose weight, persistence is very important. After three days of fishing for two days, the effect of losing weight is definitely not ideal.

Only when you develop your habits, you will maintain a certain amount of exercise every day.

Seven methods of elderly leg and foot care

Seven methods of elderly leg and foot care

One hand to help or support the wall, first move the calf forward, tilt the tip of the leg upwards, then move backwards, so that the toes are forced backwards, the feet are tight and the legs are trying to straighten.

When you are kicking your legs, your upper body is straight and your legs are exchanged dozens of times.

This method can prevent hemiplegia, lower limbs atrophy and leg numbness, calf cramps and so on.

  First, foot bath: use hot water to soak your feet, especially with ginger or chili water to wash your feet, you can quickly expand the capillary network of the human respiratory mucosa, speed up blood circulation, so that the white blood cells in the blood of the respiratory mucosa disappear in timeInvade the bacteria and viruses of the human body and infect the human body.

Often corrected, susceptible to “varicose veins of the lower extremities”, and foot bath can accelerate blood circulation in the legs, so that the venous blood in the legs is reversed to the right heart in time, which is beneficial to relieve the venous blood in the legs and complications of varicose veins of the lower extremities.

In addition, using hot water bubble feet before going to sleep, it also helps to calm the nerves, hypnosis and sleep, making sleep deeper and sweeter.

  Second, massage the feet: after washing the feet, hands hot, squatting related parts or acupuncture points, can be full foot massage, but also local massage, Tama Yongquan points (foot) or Tai Chong points (one, two toe joints)) or Taixi (the depression between the high point and the Achilles tendon).

For dizziness, insomnia, anorexia, dull complexion, fatigue, high blood pressure, constipation and other interventions.

  Third, raise your feet: every day, your feet will be lifted 2-3 times, flat or higher than the heart. At this time, the blood circulation of the feet and legs is strong, the blood flow to the lungs and the heart of the lower limbs is accelerated, and the head is fully circulated.Sufficient and fresh blood and oxygen are available, and at the same time, the acupuncture points on the feet and the reflex zone are also benign stimuli.

  Fourth, licking the calves: insert the calf with the palms of both hands into the calf, while turning the side squats, each side twirling about 20 times, then use the same method to shake the other leg.

This method can enhance leg strength.

  Five, the wrench: take the seat, legs straight, bow, body forward bend, with both hands to move the toes and feet joint joints 20-30 times, can exercise the foot force, prevent the legs and feet weak.

  Sixth, twist the knees: the two feet are close together, the knees are slightly down, the hands are placed on the top, and the knees turn around in the front, back, left and right, first turn left, then turn right, each about 20 times.

Can be used to cure lower limbs, knee pain.

  Seven, lame legs: one hand to help or support the wall, first move the calf forward, tilt the tip of the leg upwards, and then move backwards, so that the toes are forced backwards, the feet are straight, and the legs are trying to straighten.

When you are kicking your legs, your upper body is straight and your legs are exchanged dozens of times.

This method can prevent hemiplegia, lower limbs atrophy and leg numbness, calf cramps and so on.

Slamming the keyboard when depressed

Slamming the keyboard when depressed

Too many urban office workers have not recovered from the fatigue of the year-end holiday syndrome.

Recently, the psychological department of the Seventh People’s Hospital of Hangzhou has a large number of white-collar workers to consult, and many of the problems they have entangled are related to workplace pressure.

Recently, a survey on the health status of urban white-collar workers, in the question of “the psychological status of the top three white-collar workers”, chose the most tired, flat, and irritated, accounting for 49%, 46% and 38%, the brightness mood is particularly obvious, and the white-collar who chooses satisfaction is less than 10%.

  Teacher Wang, the third-class teacher of a school in Hangzhou, was taken to the hospital to see the psychological counseling clinic. The cause was actually the sesame mung bean. Her husband complained to the doctor: the voice of the teacher’s wife hitting the keyboard was too loud.

  Husband went home to listen to the keyboard and recognize her face. My husband said that every day she listened to the sound of her keyboard, she knew that she was in a good mood.

In the past, the students in the class had good grades, and the keyboard sounds of that night were definitely very brisk. They often danced when they spoke.

If you hear the sound of a computer keyboard, you must be angry with me at night, not to say that I am late, that is, my clothes are not washed, they are all picking stones in the eggs.

I have to look at my face now, but also to listen to the keyboard.

  ”The school is about to start school. In the past few days, she has corrected the student’s homework on the computer. The keyboard is so loud that I am worried that she will have a mental breakdown one day.

Said the husband.

Mr. Wang, who was around, began to look at her husband with dissatisfaction. Later, when she heard that she was in a bad mood, she often slammed the keyboard to vent her emotions. Later, she was a little bit in a bad mood and could not help but increase her hand strength.And when it’s okay, I like to keep knocking.

  Worried that the class teacher is 32 years older than the student pressure, Mr. Wang, who started to serve as the third class teacher of a school last year, has seen more than three months from the senior high school entrance examination. She is increasingly feeling more than enough.

  When I was in class, Mr. Wang could still stare at the students every day. The mood changed after the students’ simulated test scores. The results were good, she would be very excited and lingering.

When the grades are not ideal, especially when several good students take the exam, they become more annoyed, they are easy to lose their temper, and their criticism of students often has excessive rhetoric.

Can be a holiday, Wang teacher can not wait to have two eyes staring at the students, send mail, text messages, call, want students to learn at home like the school.

  ”Although I know how hard I am, no matter how worried I can’t help my students to get good grades, I still can’t feel at ease.

“Mr. Wang is worried.

  ”Mr. Wang’s mood swings have a lot to do with her own pressure to go to school.

Chen Shulin, director of the Medical Psychology Department of Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital, said.

  In fact, the pressure to go to school is enough to cause students, but also a great source of pressure on teachers’ workplaces, especially the teachers who waste their graduating classes.

At the beginning of the school, there is no good relief of excessive stress, emotional changes, short-term personality changes, etc., often showing behavioral differences.

  Director Chen said that he had encountered some teachers with such abnormal behaviors, excessive shopping, non-stop diet, or direct roaring, etc., but bad emotions could not solve the fundamental problems. Over time, it would affect the lives of themselves and even others.Quality, the Shis will accumulate psychological barriers, so we can’t be underestimated.

  Sleeping for 8 hours can alleviate the worry. Chen Shulin said, first of all, to find the cause of emotional changes, some Wang teacher, it is easy to get angry with the root of the temper is the self-magnification of the pressure of the study, the body’s sensitivity is getting stronger and stronger.

  Usually enough sleep, the average person sleep time should be about 8 hours.

Exercise again and then eat properly.

Finally, be positive and optimistic.

“Some people tend to equate their negative emotions and thoughts with reality itself.

Slim Qigong loses weight and is healthy

Slim Qigong loses weight and is healthy

A woman who loves beauty always cares about the meat on her body. When she is a little more, she is troubled. If she is less, she is very excited.

Therefore, careful selection of the correct method of weight loss is the primary focus for you who love beauty.

Qigong weight loss is a free-living diet, which means that as long as you have patience and perseverance, the effect of slimming is more obvious.

  Most women think that as long as they lose weight, no matter how much they spend, they will try their best to try various ways to lose weight. The purpose is to make themselves more beautiful and moving.

In fact, although the external body shape is important, physical health is more important. Do not affect health due to bad weight loss methods, resulting in a lifetime of regret.

  It is a traditional Chinese health regimen to practice qi and blood and smooth qigong.

Health and outstanding “blood circulation”, therefore, everything must start from the source, first do a “qi” cycle, and then a “blood” cycle.

The earth has weather and earth, nature has air, people are popular, it is very simple to master your own popularity, as long as one breath is in accordance with the principle of health, follow the principle of fine, slow, long and even, when the breathing mode is moreThin, slower, longer, the relative will become even, and make you feel comfortable. Once you reach this state of breathing, your body circulation will become more orderly, your mood will be more calm, and you will be able to act naturally.Pushing the boat along the water, the water is everywhere, so every breath is very important to the body.

  Experts say that practicing qi can make people cultivate their body, change their temper, help the body to absorb good, and discharge bad ones. Through correct breathing, in addition to being able to exclude bad things in the body, they can also eliminate the babies and achieve reduction.Heavy purpose, therefore, Qigong can be both fitness and bodybuilding, and it is an all-round optimal weight loss method.

  The four functions of radiant qigong are a healthy and cost-effective method of weight loss. You can use “deep breathing” to lose weight anytime and anywhere, and eliminate the extra exceptions.

However, health weight loss is not only the discharge of aunt, how to make the skin shiny, flexible, and vital, is the most important purpose of weight loss.

Practice the orthodox qigong, persevere, and then with the appropriate diet, bring weight loss effect.

Between a simple breath and a breath, you can provide people with the best blood circulation, the best physiological balance, the deepest nutrients and the excretion of parasitic gas. Through these four functions, you can burn the body completely and can also letFrom the inside out, people radiate the brightest brilliance.

  Modern people pursue fashion, as long as they see new ways to lose weight, they will want to try further.

In fact, weight loss does not have to achieve the goal of a few kilograms, and even adjust to the body that suits you. If you can keep your body within your own weight range, you can make your skin firm, full of energy, and glow from the inside out.Give people the feeling of being more comfortable.

  There are many definitions of beauty, the pursuit of the beauty of personal traits, let yourself be temperament, have a charm, in order to be confident.

Don’t become a sick beauty because of losing weight. The spirit is dissipated all day long, and the diet is not normal. Even if you lose weight and succeed, it will also damage your health. It is really impossible to do anything.

The elderly prevent bad breath: eat three meals slowly

The elderly prevent bad breath: eat three meals slowly

Bad breath is the root cause of the increase in the body’s taste. Many elderly people may even encounter “social problems.”

Isressel, director of oral biology at the School of Dentistry, University of New York at Stony Brook?

Professor Kleinberg said that bad breath is a sign of human aging and a possible stage. Old people do not have to worry about it.

Once bad breath appears, confirm the cause, timely symptomatic treatment, you can alleviate.

  There are many causes of bad breath. For example, drugs often affect the circulation of water in the body, causing dry mouth and causing bad breath, such as antihypertensive, anti-depressant, contraceptive drugs; bad breath may also come from deep in the mouth, may be caused by respiratory infectionsSome chronic diseases can also cause bad breath when the condition is aggravated, similar to more serious liver dysfunction.

Therefore, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in case of bad breath.

  Liu Lijun, director of the Department of Neurology, Beijing Geriatric Hospital, said that because of the physiological atrophy of the periodontal tissues, the elderly have gaps between the teeth, which leads to food debris easily staying in the gaps of the teeth after eating, and the odor is produced after bacterial fermentation in the oral cavity.

In addition, many elderly people wear braces and dentures. The food that is eaten is easy to remain inside. The rot can also produce bad breath. The thicker food slag on the tongue may also remain in the wrinkles of the tongue and cause bad breath.

  Professor Kleinberg suggested that when the elderly gargle, be careful to gargle at the mouth of the mouth, brushing time should be more than 2 minutes; the elderly with mouthwash should contain mouthwash for about 30 seconds, the conditional old man stillShould wash the teeth once every 2-3 years; if wearing dentures, replace the fake toothbrush every night for 1-2 minutes, then soak in cold water; the elderly can also use the tongue scraper, scraping 4-5 times a day, each time 12-15 times, can temporarily relieve the symptoms of bad breath.

If the cause of bad breath is dry mouth, the elderly can eat oranges or drink juice, because the citric acid in the orange can promote saliva secretion and take away the taste in the mouth.

  Director Liu Lijun also suggested that the elderly should not eat too fast for three meals, because eating slowly can increase the secretion of saliva, and the interval between meals should not be too long, otherwise the mouth will easily dry and breed bacteria.

Other food flavors can remain in the human body for several days, so if the elderly want to participate in social activities, they should try to reduce the consumption of foods that smell bad.

Elderly tourism thermal risks need to be guarded against

Elderly tourism thermal risks need to be guarded against

For a long time, some travel agencies in Fuzhou, Xiamen and Quanzhou have launched tourism projects for the elderly, but some of them have exposed some concerns.

  In mid-May, the newspaper’s hotline news accepted Ms. Yu’s complaint and told the unfortunate encounter of the elderly group tour organized by Xiamen Airlines International Travel Service Quanzhou Branch (hereinafter referred to as Quanzhou) in October last year.

  (1) At the end of September last year, Ms. Yan and her husband, Mr. Li from Jinjiang, signed up for the “Silk Road” tour of the “Sunset Red” tourism tour through the Jinjiang Committee on Ageing, from October 7 to October 20, by Quanzhou.Departure, through Kaifeng, Lanzhou, Dunhuang, Urumqi, Xi’an and many other attractions.

  This was a pleasant trip, but on the way, Mr. Li was seriously ill.

Ms. Qi told reporters that due to the unclean food and beverage provided by Quan Brigade, Mr. Li had diarrhea on October 14.

  In the early morning of October 16, the special train went from Urumqi to Xi’an.

After continuous diarrhea, Mr. Li was severely dehydrated, the electrolyte was disturbed, and the body was weak.

At 6 o’clock in the morning, diarrhea induced low sugar, and he suddenly surrounded the coma.

After the group doctor took measures such as static pushing glucose, the mind recovered.

  At 9 o’clock in the morning, the special train arrived at Hami Station. The Spring Brigade handed them over to the local “120” ambulance and sent them to the hospital, and only sent a group tour guide to accompany them.

Mr. Li was infused continuously until 4 pm, and his body was basically discharged and discharged.

  Later, the couple asked the tour guide to purchase the express train ticket to Xi’an at 3:50 am the next day, intending to return to the special train.

Unexpectedly, at 3 am on the 17th, Mr. Li appeared in shock again, and he was awakened after feeding the sugar.

When the “120” ambulance arrived, the tour guide said that there were dozens of elderly people on the special train who needed care, could not stay there for a long time, and asked Ms. Yu to write down the words agreeing to leave.

Because of her eagerness to help her husband go to the hospital, she had to agree under the rush.

  (2) After a week of hospitalization in Hami, Mr. Li’s blood sugar level could not be restored to normal. The doctor suggested to Beijing Union Medical College Hospital for treatment.

On October 22nd, the couple took a train to Urumqi and then flew to Beijing.

At Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Mr. Li was diagnosed with pancreatic tumors after insulin testing and underwent surgery on November 9.

On December 15 last year, Mr. Li was discharged from the hospital and the couple returned to Jinjiang the next day.

  Ms. Qi said that she did not know her husband’s weight-increasing tumors. Quan Bian never noticed the risks in the tourism. The propaganda materials of the Transforming Spring Brigade showed the travel accident insurance attached to the trip, so they reported it with confidence.

However, after the accident, she was disappointed with the performance of Quanzhou and China Pacific Life Insurance Company Quanzhou Center Branch (hereinafter referred to as Quanbao).

  She said that the head of the Spring Brigade had always been with the group. After the husband became ill, he repeatedly asked for help but failed.

During the hospitalization period, due to insufficient money, there were no relatives and friends in the local area, and some of the fees for the first brigade were rejected.

  After returning to Jinjiang, Ms. Yan requested the compensation for medical treatment, accommodation and other expenses according to the relevant bills.

80,000 yuan, but so far only received a reset of the unfinished part of the 500 yuan.

Quan Bian said that the replacement that Mr. Li appeared on the trip has nothing to do with the company, and he pays up to 2,000 yuan for condolences.

Quanbao believes that Mr. Li’s situation does not fall within the scope of accident insurance claims, and he also refuses to pay.

  Quanzhou Tourism Bureau Quality Supervision Office, Quanzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the Consumer Council have repeatedly conducted mediation because of the disagreement between the two sides.

  (3) In late May, the reporter went to Quanzhou and Xiamen to investigate.

  Zeng always told reporters that Mr. Li suffers from pancreatic tumors, which is the main cause of his long-term hypoglycemia, but it is just a serious symptom on the road.

Therefore, his illness and the costs incurred are not related to the Spring Brigade.

  He explained that the “Sunset Red” project is not clear in Article 3: If you are elderly or suffering from acute or chronic diseases, please check with your doctor if you are suitable for this trip to avoid concealing the medical history. If this is the case, the insurance companyNot liable.

In addition, the short-term standardization of the company and tourists, the domestic tourism group contract, the second paragraph of Article 11 also has similar provisions.

Article 5 of the Contract also stipulates that the tourist expenses paid by tourists do not include the personal medical expenses of tourists incurred during the journey.

  Regarding the statement that Ms. Yu and her wife did not get the risk, Zeng Zong said that Quan Biao had sent a special person to Jinjiang to contract with the number of tourists. The visitors who attended the day personally intervened.

The organization of the “Sunset Red” project in Jinjiang is entrusted to the family members of a comrade of the aging committee. It is not excluded that individual tourists are not present and entrusted to sign on their behalf.

  Zeng Zong said that the tour guide left midway through the consent of Ms. Jing, and there was evidence to prove that she could refuse to write if she had any objection.

When Mr. Li was hospitalized in Hami, the Spring Brigade had asked people to visit.Ms. Yan requested that some of the expenses be paid first, which did not meet the company’s requirements, but reminded her to keep the relevant bills to be agreed upon after the retreat.

  Quan Bao’s staff member named Zheng told reporters that the scope of travel accident insurance claims is: personal injury caused by unintentional, sudden, unforeseen accidents during the trip.

Mr. Li’s situation is caused by an inherent disease, so it is not an accident insurance claim.

  (4) Recently, disputes arising from travels of elderly groups have often been seen in the media.

How do older travellers and the travel industry prevent and respond to risks in tourism?

The reporter interviewed the director of the Provincial Consumer Council Complaints Supervision Department.

  Director Duan said that the elderly traveled with the group, the risk of disease was overcome, and the first-aid conditions during the trip were limited. Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly should carefully decide whether to participate according to their physical condition before traveling.

  He believes that travel agencies that organize “sunset red” group tours should fully consider the risks of elderly travel and formulate emergency plans for dealing with emergencies. When this happens, travel agencies should take responsibility and clearly inform consumers beforehand.By.

During the trip, travel agencies also need a more comprehensive overall service plan, which should be different from ordinary travel groups.

Travel agencies, insurance companies’ model contracts are mainly aimed at ordinary consumers. Therefore, in the case of strike contracts with older groups, in addition to following the model, the responsibility, rights and benefits in various situations should be clarified.

  Regarding Ms. Qi’s experience, Duan Director believes that according to certain provisions on the inversion of evidence in the judicial interpretation of personal injury compensation, the other party may be required to provide evidence that the incident has no liability relationship with this tour.

However, considering the cost of litigation and other factors, he suggested that the two sides still try to resolve the dispute through negotiation.

  It is reported that the current person in charge of Xiamen Airlines International Travel Service, Quanzhou and Quanbao related personnel and Ms. Qi said that they are willing to negotiate again.

Newspaper will continue to focus on.

The top 3 coarse grain stars are rich in nutrients to charge the body

The top 3 coarse grain stars are rich in nutrients to charge the body

“Coarse grains” is a very broad concept, mainly including corn, sorghum, millet and various kinds of beans, and those that have not been finely processed are also considered as coarse grains.

Rice, wheat, and those processed food crops are all considered “fine grains”.

  The top 3 of the coarse grain stars.

Recommended reason for corn: Corn is a food that many people like very much, delicious and has high nutritional value.

It contains particularly high cellulose, which accelerates resonance and peristalsis, reduces plasma absorption, and prevents coronary heart disease.

In addition, corn also contains a large amount of magnesium, which can strengthen the intestinal wall peristalsis and promote the excretion of body waste, which is very beneficial for weight loss.

Corn eating: Corn can be used as a dish or as a snack.

Common in the top are corn stewed pork ribs, corn and green beans.

As a casual snack, there are popcorn, corn, etc., or cooked directly.


Recommended reason: glutinous rice is rich in linoleic acid, vitamins, easy to digest and absorb, has a good effect on reducing the burden of obesity and enhancing physical fitness.

The medicinal value is also very high and has a good anti-cancer effect.

In addition, glutinous rice is also a kind of beauty food, which can keep the skin of the human body shiny and delicate.

Glutinous rice to eat: glutinous rice lotus lily porridge, is to use glutinous rice, to heart lotus seeds, lily, has been stewed into rice, first glutinous rice, lotus seeds, lily boiled, and then cooked with rice, porridge, and then with the right amount of honeySeasoning can be done, with lungs and diarrhea, skin and beauty effects.

Use glutinous rice, ginkgo to cook soup together, and then season with a proper amount of rock sugar, you can make glutinous rice and white fruit soup.


Millet recommended reason: millet, also known as corn, contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids, traces and carbohydrates, high nutritional value, especially the higher content of carotene and vitamin B1.

It is the most ideal tonic for the elderly and the weak.

Millet eating method: The most common method of millet is porridge, which can be matched with various coarse grains, so that different flavors of porridge have good nutrition and medicinal effects.

Millet milled into powder, can make cakes, delicious.

Such as pumpkin millet porridge, the materials used are millet, water, pumpkin and so on.

First cut the pumpkin into 2 cm thick pieces, soak the millet for half an hour and lay the pumpkin. Cook with a rice cooker.

Because the pumpkin has more moisture, be careful not to add too much water when cooking. This kind of porridge can relieve the stress of stress.

Some people say that medicine supplements are better than food supplements. Is this correct?

Some people say that “medicine supplements are better than food supplements.” Is this correct?

To replenish the body, it can be through drugs and food. The former is called “medicine supplement” and the latter is called “food supplement”.
So, is it a “medicine supplement” or a “food supplement”?
Some people say that “medicine supplements are better than food supplements.”
This view has a large degree of one-sidedness. The two methods of supplementing each have their own applicable objects and timely machines. It is difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages.
In general, food supplement can be understood as food and nutrition, that is, according to the specific circumstances of physical weakness, using food to nourish and nourish the body, to achieve a way to help the righteousness, anti-aging and anti-aging; medicine supplement is when the body has obvious gasThe lack of blood, yin and yang, relying on food can not correct its losses, must use drugs to compensate for the disadvantages, but a method of ill.
The former is weak and slow, and the latter is powerful.
Clinically, if the body is not very weak, or if the righteousness is not able to recover quickly, it should be supplemented with food, even supplemented with food, drizzle and moisturizing, slowly; if the body is obvious, or if the righteousness is urgently needed, then the medicine should be used.Make up for quick results, such as “Golden Party?”
“Therapeutic articles” said: “When the medical practitioners have an insight into the source of the disease, they know what they have committed, to cure the disease, to heal the diet, and then to take medicine.
“The famous doctor of the Jin Dynasty, Zhang Congzheng also pointed out: “Whether health supplements, treatment is a drug attack.
“The person who is tonic must master the adaptation range of food supplement and medicine supplement in time. Otherwise, the medicine supplements and supplements with food, it is effective and slow, delaying the disease; the use of food supplement and medication supplement, like the destructive encouragement, the operation is too urgent, it may be counter-intuitiveA side reaction occurred.
It is not necessary to stick to the “medicine supplement is not as good as food supplement” or the opposite.
In fact, the medicine is good, and the food supplement is good. It is a way to reinforce the body’s anti-aging and anti-aging. Many edible plants and animals, such as lotus, red bean, glutinous rice, fungus, red dates, turtle, pangolin, etc., are also medicinal., the so-called “medicine and food homology.”
Therefore, the medicine supplement and food supplement can actually be arranged reasonably, cooperate with each other, synergistically, and enhance the curative effect. The two cannot be strictly separated and opposed.
This article from the old Chinese medicine health network expert group reproduced please indicate the source: old Chinese medicine health network health channel

Not paying attention to these matters after exercise is really a white exercise.

Not paying attention to these matters after exercise is really a white exercise.

It should be done in a finishing activity, although sometimes it will be lack of energy after each exercise, but it should be properly relaxed, such as walking, step-by-step exercise, movement and easing of the game, so that the human body can be over-stressed to a state of tranquility.Quickly restore physical strength to relieve fatigue.

It is not a slap in the middle of a sport that is not suitable for squatting.

This will affect the circulation of blood, hinder the return of blood from the lower extremities, and thus deepen the body fatigue.

The correct way is to do more finishing, relax, slow down, and so on.

It is not suitable for drinking cold drinks. After the exercise, the human digestive system is actually in a state of inhibition. Although exercise causes the body to lose a lot of heat energy, it is advisable to replenish energy. However, it is easy to cause vomiting, diarrhea, and easily cause digestive diseases.Especially after the exercise, a lot of cold drinks are added.

It is not advisable to wash the capillaries of the body surface during the cold water bath movement. The capillaries in the body surface are in an expanded state, and a large amount of the body is scattered and sweating.

If cold water is caused by exercise, the capillary will suddenly contract, which will easily reduce the resistance and cause disease.