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Laptops are more susceptible to shoulder inflammation than desktop computers

Laptops are more susceptible to shoulder inflammation than desktop computers

Core Tip: People who work at long-term desks are better off using desktop computers, because after research, continuous use of laptops is more likely to suffer from frozen shoulder.

  Laptop users have more physical pain and more painful parts than desktop users.

This is because desktop users can adjust the height of the computer screen to the same level as the eyes, and the keyboard can be placed about 20 inches below the screen, so that you can maintain a comfortable posture when using the computer.

In order to solve the irrationality of notebook design, the improvement should be based on the experience of the desktop computer, so that the user of the notebook can maintain a flexible posture when using the notebook.

  Long-term computer plus desk work, many people have had the same symptoms as the above, and they started to be unhealthy. Unexpectedly, they continued to hurt for a year. No way, they went to the hospital to check that they were shoulder-shoulderitis, but after treatment,Can recover.

  The specific methods are as follows: 1, the notebook is replaced by a desktop computer 2, doing Chinese medicine massage, very effective, what small needle knife, physiotherapy, wax therapy are not working.

  3, adhere to the training of the shoulder triangle muscle group.

  4, is the horizontal bar, pull-ups, it hurts at first, but it is very effective when it comes down; 5, it is a one-handed wall climbing, close to the opening, trying to climb high; 6, is a one-handed anti-back shoulder blade, is afterThe bones of the two activities are also very painful, but they work.

Insufficient yang, moxibustion, these 6 Shengyang points, is a good way to tonify the kidney, and the source continues to rise yang

Insufficient yang, moxibustion, these 6 Shengyang points, is a good way to tonify the kidney, and the source continues to rise yang

Moxibustion Shenque points have warming Yuanyang, healthy spleen and stomach, and the effect of resuscitation and solidification.

Regular moxibustion Shenque points can be used to pressurize and strengthen the body and prolong life.

Kidney tonifying is a topic of great concern. Many people feel that they have kidney deficiency and do not go to the hospital for confirmation. They will start to make up for themselves and all methods are exhausted, but the situation is not improving.

What is the kidney deficiency Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the birth of the innate, is the root of human reproductive development, the driving force of the function of the organs.

The essence of the kidney can be divided into kidney yin and kidney yang in terms of function.

Kidney yin and kidney yang are interdependent and interrelated, maintaining the dynamic balance of the human body.

When this balance balance destroys and destroys, there will be pathological changes of kidney yin and kidney yang.

At present, people often say that “kidney deficiency”, such as nocturnal emission, impotence, premature ejaculation, sexual indifference, infertility, infertility, etc., is actually a narrow kidney deficiency.

Kidney deficiency in a broad sense includes a range of systemic symptoms.

The kidney deficiency and the sub-health status recognized by Western medicine are quite similar.

There are many types of kidney deficiency in Chinese medicine, the most common of which is kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency.

Kidney yin deficiency, manifested as dry mouth, insomnia and more dreams, mood irritability, waist and knees soft, hands and feet heart heat, tinnitus and dizziness and other symptoms.

In addition, women will have constipation, less or even amenorrhea; kidney yang deficiency, manifested as white or black, waist and knee pain, lack of energy, cold hands and feet, chills and wind, diarrhea, body edema.

In addition, women will have symptoms such as infertility, enuresis, edema, and low sexual desire.

What is moxibustion moxibustion is a Chinese medical method that uses the burnt moxibustion moxibustion to acupuncture the acupuncture points of the human body.

The main reason is that the heat generated by the moxibustion material made of wormwood stimulates the acupuncture points or specific parts of the body surface.

The wormwood has the effect of warming and dispelling cold, continuously burning AI, can warm the muscles through the meridians, and because of the relationship between the meridians and organs, the relationship between the genus, resulting in access to the internal organs, twelve meridians, circulation throughout the body.

Thereby, the physiological and biochemical functions of human disturbances are regulated, thereby achieving a treatment method for preventing and treating diseases.

Moxibustion therapy has a wide range of adaptations and was the main means of treating diseases in ancient China.

Chinese medicine believes that moxibustion therapy has the functions of warming yang and tonifying qi, warming meridians and collaterals, eliminating phlegm and dispersing phlegm, and supplementing Zhongqi.

Moxibustion and kidney supplements are suitable for most people, especially middle-aged and elderly people.

Due to age, the physiological structure changes, the yin gas decreases, and the yang is weak.

Whether it is for the rehabilitation of the body or the treatment of the disease, it is always in a prominent position.

The measures to supplement yin are reasonable diet, proper drug supplementation, and extra sleep.

Moxibustion is a good way to help yang.

Moxibustion and kidney-reinforcing acupoints are the navel, also known as the navel, which is the main point on the human body.

It is located in the navel of the corresponding gate hole parallel.

After the moxibustion, there is warming Yuanyang, healthy spleen and stomach, and the health effect of resuscitation and solidification.

Regular moxibustion Shenque points can be used to pressurize and strengthen the body and prolong life.

Guanyuan is located on the midline of the abdomen, 3 inches below the umbilicus.

After moxibustion, there are warming kidney and spleen, replenishing and solidifying, dispelling cold and relieving pain, regulating menstruation and nourishing blood, and promoting health care.

Mainly used for the treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation, urinary frequency and other urogenital diseases, irregular menstruation, postpartum hemorrhage and other common gynecological diseases, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation and other urinary diseases.

The gas sea hole is in the lower abdomen of the human body, under the navel.

5 inch.

After the moxibustion, there is a strong yang-yang solid-solid detachment, training and qi, returning to Yang Yiyin, reconciling the camp, prolonging life, anti-aging and anti-disorder.

Qihai and Guanyuan points are in the lower abdomen of the human body, which together protect the reproductive system.

The lower abdomen is the female uterus, and the place where the male seminal vesicles are hidden is an extremely important part.

The ancients said that “the sea is warm and a whole body”, which represents the health and health effects of this point.However, the yin deficiency should be careful of this point, pregnant women should not avoid this point.

Zusanli is located under the outer knee and four horizontal fingers, the upper bone edge.

Zusanli is a joint of the stomach, which has the effect of qi and blood, which can enhance the body’s immunity and enhance physical fitness.

This point can regulate the spleen and spleen and stomach, supplement the vital energy, replenish the kidney and strengthen the yang, and help to regulate the spleen and stomach weakness.

Yongquan Point “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” pointed out: “The kidney is out of the spring, and the spring is full of heart.”

“In the foot of the human body, in the depression of the front of the foot, about the intersection of the first 1/3 and the posterior 2/3 of the suture of the 2nd and 3rd toe of the plantar to the heel, is the kidney.First hole.

Moxibustion This health acupoint has a good kidney function.

After selecting the acupuncture points, ignite the moxa sticks, about 2 points from the acupoints?
Moxibustion at 3 cm, local warm and comfortable feeling, that is, fixed, can adjust the distance at any time with the heat.

10 per moxibustion?
15 minutes, with moxibustion to a partial redness, once every other day or 3 days, long-term implementation.

Moxibustion Notes One is extreme fatigue, thirst, fullness, drunkenness, sweating, emotional instability, or women’s menstrual period avoidance of moxibustion.

The second is some infectious diseases, high fever, coma, convulsions, or extreme exhaustion of the body, such as thin bones and other moxibustion.

Third, people who have no self-control ability, such as mental patients, avoid moxibustion.

Fourth, do not wash your hands or take a shower with cold water for half an hour after moxibustion.

Because moxibustion is completed, the pores of the whole body are opened and it is easy to be cold.

Fifth, after moxibustion, drink a lot of warm water (no water or ice water). It is full of detoxification. The water temperature can be slightly higher, which helps to excrete toxins from the body.

Sixth, if you accidentally burn the skin, small blisters appear locally, as long as you pay attention to not rubbing, you can let it absorb, do not squeeze, grab the sputum.

Welcome to follow the praise and forward, your encouragement is my greatest encouragement, will continue to update more health knowledge for everyone, I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

Shouting tired all day because of the lack of movement, health needs to be progressive

Shouting “tired” all day because of the lack of movement, health needs to be progressive

“Tired”, this is a word that modern people often hang on their lips.
Many young white-collar workers feel that they are weak and weak after sitting in the office for a day.
“Nothing to do, no effort.”
“This kind of “premature failure” may be due to too much lack of exercise.
Sports nutrition experts said that in addition to paying attention to a reasonable diet, more emphasis should be placed on proper exercise. Only in this way can the muscles of the whole body be maintained and truly become a healthy young person.
  Unlike bones, more than 600 muscles in the body are lost with age.
A 25-year-old man has a dense muscle. When he is 65 years old, his muscles are lost and the corresponding fat is increased, forming a state similar to the “stewed pork”.
“Muscle is not just about the image. More and more evidence shows that muscle loss, muscle strength and functional decline are inseparable from the health of the human body.
Recently, in the “American Whey Protein and Muscle Health” professional lecture, Chang Cuiqing, director of the Sports Nutrition and Biochemistry Research Office of the Third Hospital of Peking University, said, “The muscles of the human body are skeletal muscle, heart muscle and smooth muscle.”
People use their hands and their feet to rely on the contraction and relaxation of muscles. When the muscle mass is excessively lost, people have little power. Daily life becomes very difficult. When you are tired, your body is always soft.所谓的‘心有余而力不足’”。  How to get healthy muscles?
There are two ways: one is exercise; the other is supplementation of protein.
The Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents emphasizes that 300 grams of milk and dairy products are taken every day and 6,000 steps are taken, which are helpful for strengthening muscles and maintaining good health.
  Dr. Chang said: “We drink 300 grams of milk a day, not exclusively for calcium supplementation, but more importantly, protein supplementation. This nutrient also helps muscle growth, because the composition of muscles is precisely the composition of proteins and muscles.Protein, growth and repair are inseparable.
When the amount of exercise increases, some nutritional supplements can be added on the basis of a reasonable diet for three meals a day.
Experts believe that older people, professional athletes, and fitness people can supplement whey protein to increase muscle and muscle strength, maintain healthy weight, and reduce fat.
  However, more protein intake can grow muscles?
“Obviously not right, strong muscles do need proper quality protein, but more exercise, full body aerobic exercise.
”常翠青强调,“除了基本的全身有氧运动外,适当进行一些阻力运动,针对某一些肌肉重点锻炼,比如跳踏板操,隔天一次,可以增加臀部、手臂、腹部等‘懒肌肉’Exercise to make the lines of the whole body look stronger.”
  To promote a healthy lifestyle, let us move together – light to medium exercise, such as playing with children, more than 10 minutes a day.
(This is the bottom line of healthy living, otherwise metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes will come to the door.
Medium-intensity exercise, such as jumping pedal exercise, 30 minutes a day.
(To change the bad living conditions, it has a certain promoting effect on health. This exercise intensity is a must.
Physical fitness exercise, moderate to high intensity exercise over 20 minutes, such as cycling, three times a week.
(In the face of flu ravages, if you want to have stronger immunity, you should do more intense exercise step by step.

How to do a simple, fast and effective method

How to do a simple, fast and effective method

Columns, wind pools, shoulder wells, and Hegu points are some of the more common methods used in life.

Patients with stiff neck can be treated through these four points.

People say “it is a three-point drug”, so you can use acupoints to treat acupoints.

Not to mention the stiff neck seems to have no drugs to treat.

Column missing position: The column is located in the wrist (below the thumb side), can feel the pulse jumping.

Efficacy: preventive treatment of migraine, headache, facial nerve tension and paralysis, as well as relieve cough, sore throat, cold and other effects.

Location of Fengchi Point: Where the Fengchi Point is placed, under the occipital bone, it is level with the Fengfu Point, and the depression between the sternocleidomast muscle and the upper end of the trapezius muscle.

Efficacy: Massage Fengchi acupoints can alleviate complications such as soreness, eye fatigue, insomnia, and stiff neck.

The location of the shoulder hole: the shoulder hole is located at the midpoint of the line connecting the vertebrae and the shoulder end, and the front is directly in the milk.

(ie the middle position of the left and right ends) Efficacy: Shoulder hole can prevent and relieve the stiff neck.

Hegu point location: Hegu point is located in the back of the hand, between the first and second metacarpal, when the second metacarpal is at the midpoint of the temporal side.

Efficacy: Hegu points have enhanced immunity, refreshing and relieving the pain and stiffness of the shoulder and neck muscles.

In fact, do you understand the acupuncture points? In fact, all the acupuncture points of the human body have different effects.

Perhaps there are mysteries that we don’t know.

Friends who like to keep healthy can press the acupuncture points more and more, which is very helpful for health.

Recommended: healthy men’s health tea way

Recommended: healthy men’s health tea way

In many men’s lives, there are so many things that are essential: smoke, wine, cars, computers.

Obviously these are the killers of health hazards, but they are desperate to die, and they are worried about their loved ones.

It is not realistic to persuade them to learn to do massage and exercise. So, do you drink tea every day to protect your health. Is there such a leisure time?

  Starting from the theory of Chinese medicine, I introduce some very simple health care methods to men who are covered by alcohol, nicotine and radiation all day long. The body still needs to take care of themselves.

  Wine table men can try Gehua daily a small amount of drinking is good for the body, but once they drink high, it will cause great harm to the body, especially for the digestive tract, the liver damage is particularly serious, and in the long run, it will greatly increaseSuffering from the possibility of cirrhosis and unfortunate liver.

  Experts recommend: The best way to protect the liver is to stop drinking, but if you are drunk, I recommend taking Gehua tea to drink.

Gehua is the flower of Pueraria. It has the effect of hangover. It can be used for hangover, and it is sold in hospitals and pharmacies.

  Want to protect the liver in peacetime, you can try white chrysanthemum tea and medlar tea, white chrysanthemum and medlar have the effect of clearing the liver and protecting the liver.

The bergamot flowers and roses can soothe the liver and qi, and it is not bad to drink tea.

In addition, the wine table men must eat more fruits with high vitamin C content, such as oranges, oranges, etc., vitamin B can protect the digestive system, you can also add more, diet should pay attention to avoid eating big fish and big meat, these things are too greasy,It is easy to hurt the liver.

  It is a fact that the old cigarettes in addition to the injury to the lungs cause cardiovascular disease to cause damage to the lungs. However, you may not know that harmful substances in cigarettes are absorbed by the blood, causing cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease.blood pressure.

Of course, people who smoke will cough frequently because harmful substances in cigarettes contaminate the mouth and throat.

  Therefore, the smoker men, or hurry to quit smoking.

  Expert recommendation: to protect the throat, many people first think of the fat sea, in fact, the fat sea only has the role of throat, I recommend to everyone is Luo Han Guo, a table tennis-sized Luo Han Guo broken with a small hammer, alternatingEight equal parts, each one is considered to be the amount of tea a day, soaked in water until there is no taste.

The taste of Luo Han Guo is bitter and sweet, not very good, but it has a good effect of clearing throat and throat, which can be bought in general pharmacies, about three or four yuan.

  Lily, radish soup, Chuanbei rock sugar steamed pear and ginkgo can stop cough and phlegm, is a good lung food, may wish to try.

  The game madman does not neglect the “sitting seizure of the liver” every day, the man who is in front of the computer crazy clearance, and the car owners who drive continuously, there are cases of excessive use of the eyes, sedentary.

Don’t think that every day facing the computer, it hurts only the eyes. Chinese medicine has such a saying: “Long-term injury to the liver”, “long-sitting injury”, for such a man, I still have to tell an old saying: more exercise, more exercise.
  Experts recommend: Whether it is watching a computer or driving a car is very expensive, so I recommend that people with longer eyes drink more chrysanthemum tea, tea.

You can also eat more carrots and vitamin A tablets to protect your vision and prevent eye diseases.

  For the “sitting seizure of the liver”, the game madman and the driving family can refer to the health care recipes of the wine table men, usually eat more fruits with high vitamin C content.

In addition, sedentary people will especially gain weight and are prone to hyperlipidemia. These people need to take some teas that are accompanied by antihypertensive and lipid-lowering functions. Try Kudingcha, Cassia Tea, I believe there will be good.effect.

  Tea, physique, how to sit in the seat?

  Tea is subjected to different manufacturing processes for coolness and warmth.

Among the cool teas are Biluochun in green tea and Tieguanyin in green tea; neutral tea has oolong tea in green tea, Dahongpao; warm tea includes black tea and Pu’er tea.

  According to Chinese medicine, people’s physique is hot and cold, and people with different physiques drink tea.

In general, people who are hot and dry should drink cool tea; those with cold constitution should drink warm tea.

Specifically, people who have smoking and drinking habits are more likely to get angry. They should drink cold tea; if they have weak stomach or weak constitution, they should drink neutral tea or warm tea.

  Tips Modern urban men’s physique can not simply be divided into hot and cold, some people from the performance to see two physiques are both: body shape is more fat and easy to get angry, but eat something cold and diarrhea;Some human body shape is thin and obvious, the spleen and stomach are weak, but there is a heat.

This is because they often have bad habits such as smoking, drinking, staying up late, which leads to physical complications.

However, everyone’s physique will show the main symptoms, tea should be based on the main symptoms.

  Green tea, black tea, is it his tea?

  ●Chrysanthemum Tea – Detoxification De-radiation Chrysanthemum tea made from white chrysanthemum and fine oolong tea is a must-have tea for office workers who are exposed to electronic pollution every day.

Because the white chrysanthemum in tea has the function of detoxification, it has the effect of resisting and eliminating the accumulation of heat and harmful chemical and radioactive substances in the body.

  ● Kuding tea and Pu’er tea – lowering blood fat due to the coldness, Kudingcha clears away heat and detoxifies, softens blood vessels, lowers blood fat. It is better than other teas. It is most suitable for people with high blood pressure and body fat and long-term health.
Pu’er tea also has the function of protecting cardiovascular health, and Pu’er tea is mild in nature and suitable for people with debilitating cold.

  ● Oolong tea – hangover and lose weight If he has a lot of entertainment, but also like to drink, then you need to prepare him oolong tea.

Oolong tea has a very good sobering effect: it prevents the body from becoming cold and reduces the deposition of alcohol and plasma in the body.In addition, oolong tea also has the effect of dissolving adults.

According to statistics, the old collection for 10 years can accommodate 300 ml of oolong tea, which is equivalent to 7 minutes of continuous skipping, and can be reduced by more than 2 kg per year.

  Tips You can also choose tea for him based on some special circumstances in his work and life.

For example, he spends a lot of work during this time, using too much brain, you can choose oolong tea, green tea, jasmine tea to refresh your mind; after physical labor or exercise, you can choose oolong tea, black tea to quench your thirst and supplement; if this timeThe air pollution is very serious, then you can choose green tea to fight pollution; if he does not have time to exercise, you can choose oolong tea, green tea and flower tea to dissolve traces and burn calories.

  Season, time, how to drink good physique?

  The seasons are different in the four seasons, and the types of tea should be adjusted accordingly.

  First of all, it is advisable to drink herbal tea in summer. The flower tea can exude a winter stagnation in the body to promote the body’s yang qi; promote green tea in summer, bitter cold in green tea, heat, cool off, detoxify, enhance gastrointestinal function, promote digestion, preventDiarrhea, skin ulcers, sputum infection, etc.; should drink green tea in autumn, green tea is not cold or hot, can completely eliminate the residual heat in the body, make people refreshed; winter should drink black tea, black tea is sweet and warm, rich in protein, there areMustnic function.

  In addition, drinking tea has certain taboos and time.

  The first time tea: Because the tea is contaminated by harmful substances such as pesticides during cultivation and processing, there is always a certain residue on the surface of the tea. Therefore, the first time the tea has a washing effect, it should be discarded.

  Fasting: Drinking tea on an empty stomach can replace gastric juice and reduce digestive function, causing a bad amount of tea to enter the blood, causing dizziness, palpitation, weakness of hands and feet.

  After a meal: Tea contains a lot of acid in the body. Residual acid can react with iron in food to produce new substances that are difficult to dissolve. Over time, the body is deficient in iron and even causes anemia.

You should drink tea one hour after the meal.

  Fever: Tea contains theophylline, Chinese tea, has the effect of raising body temperature, fever patients drink tea is tantamount to “fire on the fire.”

  Tips While changing the tea according to the season, you also need to consider the constitution.

People with debilitating physique, even in the summer, are not suitable for placing cool tea like Kudingcha.

  Different teas have different bubble methods1.

Water: The temperature of water plays the most obvious and direct role in making tea.

The precious green tea with delicate bud leaves is water temperature of about 80 °C, flower tea, black tea, low-grade green tea with 100 ° C boiling water, oolong tea, Pu’er tea, and pressed tea with 100 ° C boiling water.


Dosage: green tea with 100 ml of water, 3 grams of tea is appropriate; black tea can be added to 5 grams or more, but the number of soaking water is added, can be repeatedly soaked in water; Tieguanyin, oolong tea, Taiwan’s alpine tea, normal teaThe amount of dry tea accounts for 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the capacity of the tea set (according to the tightness of the tea granules); Pu’er tea is similar to Tieguanyin, but raw tea should reduce the amount of tea.


Time: After soaking for 4-6 minutes, the tea is best.

As a result, 80% of caffeine and 60% of other soluble substances have been soaked.


After the tea is soaked, drink it in 30-60 minutes, otherwise the nutrients in the tea will become unstable.

  Tips: It is advisable to use ceramic pots and cups for reconstituted tea. It is not advisable to use a thermos cup.

Because the tea leaves are kept in a thermos cup, the tea stays at a high temperature, and some of the aromatic oil in the tea leaves, which reduces the aroma; the leaching intake of acid and theophylline is too much, and the bitter taste is lost, so that some nutrients are also lost.

  How to distinguish between new tea and Chencha “Drinking tea to be new, Benshan, drinking to Chen”, this is a long-term summary of people’s tea life.

So how do you identify new tea and Chen tea?

  (1) Color: The color of green tea is green and green, and the tea is gray and yellowish green.

The black tea is very dark, and the tea is covered with some taupe.

  (2) Taste: Chencha produces a volatile aldehyde substance or does not decompose water condensate due to oxidation of the ester substance in the tea. As a result, the effective component of the soluble water is reduced, thereby making the taste of the teaThe mellowness becomes weak; at the same time, as a result of the oxidation and deamination of amino acids in the tea leaves, the free radicals of the tea leaves become weaker and become “stagnant”.

  (3) Aroma: Since the tea is oxidized, condensed and slowly volatilized by the aroma substances, the tea leaves become turbid by the fragrance.

  Tips The aforementioned differences are for overlapping tea varieties.

Moreover, the storage conditions are good and the difference will be relatively small.

Even if there are some teas, the quality is reduced after storage, and drinking oolong tea to lose weight, it is another matter.